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Summer and Fall Fun at the ARK

Summer & Fall Retreats at the ARK Plan to schedule a day to study faith heroes and grow in friendship with the Lord. Call ahead to reserve a time to visit the ARK and riverfront property. Pamela will arrange for … Read More

Brothers of St. John

Local Friends of Noahs Ark Ministry: Congregation of St. John is partnering with the Congregation of St. John to host guests who wish to try out a solitary, private retreat. (Noah’s Cabin is about 20 miles from Princeville.) St. … Read More

Bridging the GAP

Bridging the Gap is celebrating with area locals for the Bridge to Bridge River Drive on September 19, 2021, as well as through the month of September, by reservation. Call ahead to reserve a time to visit the ARK … Read More

Break Through

Break Through (Original Art by Colleen Yard; is dedicated as a safe place where you and your children may gather to affirm your faith, and to re-dedicate your time for study of God’s Word. We want to serve … Read More

God With Us

GOD WITH US: God reaches out to us.  He is looking over the whole earth to see who is attentive to Him. For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro through out the whole earth, to show himself … Read More

Uncommon Love

Uncommon Love & Friendship when experienced grab our attention. It makes us wonder, what is motivating this kindness? When I first slept at the cabin on Riverview Road, I dreamed several animals came to my window; one by one, they … Read More

A Rustic Children’s Church

My one and only son helped christen Noah’s Ark through summer vacation Bible study. We invited local neighbors and family to dedicate the ARK. Ideally family and church school groups may visit the ARK to create their own day retreats. … Read More

“Roots and Wings”

For the Sake of the Children. . .   We walked along the river’s edge and explored a huge fallen tree. The roots are sprawling out giving evidence of life ordinarily hidden. The children loved climbing over the tree trunks, … Read More

Nature’s Witness

This September while waiting for friends to meet me at the ARK,  I took a few moments to stay awhile in prayer with the Lord. I recalled snippets of wisdom shared in the classic book, Abide in Christ.  Andrew Murray’s words … Read More

ART at the ARK

Hello Parents, Grandparents, Friends,Church, Home School, & Zoom Groups may be interested in taking a day of retreat along the river. The ARK Chapel is a children’s church and one room school house dedicated to encourage sharing of our faith … Read More