Reserve a Prime Riverfront Location

Day use of Noah’s Ark can be scheduled for a family or small group.(6-8 max) Call ahead for a free tour for you and up to two children. Consent forms/liability release forms are required for small groups and a $100 cleaning/greeter fee to help cover costs. Home Schoolers and Ministry Team members are welcome to create their own day camp experience. Call for a tour and to inquire about how to plan a DYOwn Creative Bible Study Day on Faith Heroes: Like Noah let us build safe places of refuge!

Monthly rental of the cabin (or another available river front home) is encouraged, at $800 per month, which is about $25 per day. Minimum cost of cabin rental is $250-$350 for a three day stay; a one week rental is $500. Ask about ARK Chapel access: (Involves extra cleaning/deposit and planning re: Use of ARK for various age groups.)

Upon occasion/seasonally, the use of cabin is donated to local church and school staff for prayer retreats. Ask about sponsoring cabin retreats for your pastor or children’s teacher to help defray costs of utilities, upkeep, and cleaning. Noahs Ark Retreat works in partnership with several local churches and ministry groups.

To schedule a block of time, a day prayer retreat, or to view the cabin, please contact:

Pamela Cady-Tarantino, Retreat Director
Telephone: (309) 222-4347