Nature’s Witness

This September while waiting for friends to meet me at the ARK,  I took a few moments to stay awhile in prayer with the Lord. I recalled snippets of wisdom shared in the classic book, Abide in Christ.  Andrew Murray’s words reminded me all I need do is entrust myself to the Lord’s gracious keeping. I had recently been feeling a desire to hear God speak to me about how to best steward this river front property. I quietly gave thanks for that desire, and rested in faith that He would provide. While I was musing, a hawk flew to the ground near the ark and was  foraging in the sandy area, trying to find a mouse, I guessed. His movements appeared odd to me, and I wondered if he had been injured. I  spoke to the hawk, asking, “Are you alright?” Ignoring my question, he kept scratching for a few moments, and then flew up to perch on the ARK deck, just a yard from me. He positioned himself amazingly close to me, on one of the roped ARK pilings. He stayed with me for ten minutes of wonder. I had never been so close to a hawk, and was amazed at his gift of presence. I sat quietly experiencing a unique communion with the hawk. He imparted me with a new sense of enthusiasm. I felt he had honored and trusted me. And that was good. Just as my friends were arriving he flew up into the oak tree, and remained there. We rejoiced, seeing that he too knew the ARK was a place of refuge.

For more encouragement, “to help keep alive your child’s inborn sense of wonder, and renew your own delight in the mysteris of earth, sea, and sky,” read, Sharing The Sense of Wonder, by Rachel Carson.