Summer and Fall Fun at the ARK

Summer & Fall Retreats at the ARK

Plan to schedule a day to study faith heroes and grow in friendship with the Lord.

Call ahead to reserve a time to visit the ARK and riverfront property. Pamela will arrange for a first time walk about  if desired, so you can make plans for a family event. 309-222-4347. You may view more photos at:

Welcome to NoahsArkRetreat BLOG! 

Summer and Fall Days are fun at the ARK and Illinois river front. You may want to watch the local weather reports and see when you think the temperatures will be just right for a visit.

Remember to wear tennis shoes and camp style attire, bring sun screen, bug spray, and a picnic snack.

Most importantly, bring your curiousity about how God is calling you closer to Him. What do you think it means to “get in the ARK?” Noah and his family found refuge; how might you and your family find refuge in learning about God’s  warnings to humanity?

Read scripture and study about God’s promise in His rainbow.

Genesis 9: 13

Enjoy discovering how symbols such as the ANCHOR are signs of faith. Share with family ways we can help anchor one another through fellowship, prayer, and reading God’s WORD.

Anchor for Our Souls

Native American Study:

Native Americans lived along the Illinois River Valley. Here is an artist’s idealized version of Kateri. Would you like to make a driftwood cross like shown in this picture? If so, bring along some string; you will find many drift wood pieces at the base of the ark trail.


Saint of Iroquois/Algonquin descent. Fleeing persecution, she settled in Quebec, where she devoted her life to God. Date: 1656 – 1680 Source: Prayer card

Inspiration for the Artists:

Heifer International Art

Bring a sketch pad and draw your own version of Noahs ark.  Maybe bring along your pet too, and take some family photos. This art work was used to give thanks for a donation to Heifer International by First Federated Church, Peoria, Illinois. If you would like more information see the links below. Help Families in need with a heifer. A wonderful way to donate gifts in honor of your family member,  to help families in need become self supporting. Choose your animal: a heifer, pig, sheep goat, chicks, even an ARK which includes two water buffalo, two cows, two sheep and two goats, bees, chicks rabbits and more!


Pamela Tarantino, owner, is available during fall-winter months for”soul friending” retreats (Holy Listening.) She has been trained in Spiritual Direction at Pecos Benedictine Monastery, Pecos, NM, and is a licensed Marriage, Family, Therapist. As a Christian Educator Pamela is also available by phone to help you design your own day retreat.