Noah’s Cabin: A Place to be Renewed

Noah’s CABIN & ARK: A Place to be Renewed and Refreshed

Welcome to Noah’s Cabin, a dedicated rustic retreat along the Illinois River. Noah’s Cabin has been set apart as a place to draw deep into God’s faith reservoir, and to experience the Lord’s Presence and renewing Life. The cabin is a perfect place to immerse yourself in scripture, and listen anew to God’s fresh Word for you. It is a place to let go of anything that encumbers us, and wait only upon the Lord’s abiding Presence.

You may schedule time to meet in person or by phone with a soul friend to bring fellowship and a two by two prayer covering into your visit. We all can benefit from the gift of a faithful listener, and prayer warrior, one who honors the Holy Spirit’s ever present leading and helps.

You may come to pray for your children, grandchildren, or  groups you include as your  ministry and adopted family.


The ARK encourages play as a means to explore the many ways the Lord is inviting us to share his love. (Ask about home school family visits, weather permitting.) The prayers of parents and grandparents avail much; our prayers are possibly the best gifts we can give! 

God is calling increasing numbers of the faithful to dedicate more time to prayer, intercession, healing, and study.  Are you waiting for instruction and or in need fresh oil and anointing?

Bring your curiousity about how God is calling you closer to Him. What do you think it means to “get in the ARK?” Noah and his family found refuge; how might you and your family find refuge in learning about God’s warnings to humanity?

You are invited to read some classics such as Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray and River Glory by Ruth Ward Heflin. Books by more current authors like Jim Cymbala and Eric Gilmore are also on site.

Or, you may just come alone, without any plan except to leave your cell phone off. You may come with the intent of saying, “Here I am, Lord. Recreate me according to your loving plan. I come just to be alone with you and to grow  closer to you. “

Call ahead to reserve a time to visit the ARK and riverfront property. Pamela will arrange for a first time walk about  if desired, so you can make plans for a longer stay. You may view more photos at: