Retreat Notes & References

Retreat Notes & References

“We are each called to do something no one else on all the earth can do–To sound our own note in the world with this life we’ve been given.” Dedicate your retreat to restoring your joy and enthusiasm for entering into your own unique life path. Purpose of the Dedicated Grounds & Cabin: Joseph Payne reminds us, “The Christian life is meant to have a restful dimension to it; believers need both an appropriate place and sufficient time to ponder the meaning of their lives.” A special place and uninterrupted time can be a great blessing. Noah’s Cabin is a refuge set aside for “pilgrim travelers” or just nature lovers; it is a safe, quiet, secluded place dedicated for seekers to be refreshed, to gain perspective, to seek God’s Presence, and to regain one’s touch with the sacredness of life. Joseph Payne, has written a text, Befriending, A Self-Guided Retreat for Busy People (ISBN # 0-8091-3354-7.) The book, Befriending, can be an excellent companion to the guest who would like some structure to his/her retreat. The book begins with: Letting Jesus Befriend Us, and includes nine other chapters such as Befriending the Word, Befriending God’s Presence, Befriending Your Story, Befriending Yourself, Befriending Your Call, Befriending Your Neighbor, Befriending the Stranger, Befriending Your Mission, and Befriending the Earth. The retreatant will have a beautiful retreat manual to personally guide the quality time apart and to refer to if continuing retreat times at home. Consider ordering the book on line and bringing it when you schedule your retreat

Build Yourself an Ark, Gloria Copeland, ISBN 088114893

The study of Psalm 91: By the study of God’s Word, we can build our own ark of protection. “We need an ark, not made of wood, but made from our faith deposits of time spent immersing ourselves in God’s Word . . . building ourselves up in the spiritual realm, abiding in Christ, where we become certain of the protection we are promised in the delivering power of Christ.” Psalm 91: 1 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. “When we do our part, saying and trusting, God does His part, delivering and preserving. Our investment in securing His grace for us includes: Know what God says; Dwell on it, so it becomes a part of us; Receive/accept it for ourselves, saying, “Deliverance which comes from His saving grace is upon me. His resurrection power is mine too, and sufficient to raise me above the things of this world which are designed to kill and destroy.” “God’s divine protection is mine.”

Abide in Christ

Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray is an all time classic and the number one recommendation I suggest for guests who want to grow in their intimacy with Christ. The Andrew Murray Collection includes 21 classic works and is available for downloads. “I am in Christ; this is the place God has given me. I accept it; here I rest; I do now abide in Jesus. . . Jesus saves me now,” “This is indeed the secret of rest and victory. If I can say, “Jesus is to me (NOW) at this moment all that God gave Him to be–life, and strength and peace”–I have but as I say to hold still, and rest, and realize, and for that moment I have what I need. As my faith sees how of God I am in Christ, and takes the place in Him, my Father has provided, my soul can peacefully settle down: Now I abide in Christ.”